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  1. I’ve had cats all my life, and recently had to say goodbye to my buddy Mario, due to FIP. I felt bad that Peach (Mario’s sister) was alone, as well as the fact that we were both sad after his death. A friend recommended Bitten by a Kitten to me and a few weekends after hearing about them, I went to see the kittens. My goodness – what little loves! The kittens were so engaged, so sweet, so socialized. They were all just amazing. And then I met Iris (now Cammie). This fearless little girl crawled all over me and my husband and just told us that we were her forever family. Less than a week after bringing her home, she had wormed her way into Peach’s heart too. Now we have a lovely kitten who beguiles every person she meets, and who creates the kind of happy chaos in our home that only a kitten can. I have no doubt that Bitten by a Kitten’s style of raising kittens helped make my little girl confident and comfortable in this new home. Thank you so much for my new forever friend!

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